Growing up within a big family we were always surrounded by “great” food.  My Mom was viewed as an excellent cook by family and friends because she was very creative in the kitchen.  My Mom cooked every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner however she loved doing so – and it showed in taste and presentation.  As I remissness about my Mom, I know for sure that my Dad, brothers and I were blessed to have such an amazing cook in our lives.

As I got older and then married, I developed my own passion about cooking and baking. Today, I find that’s what keeps me balanced.  I thoroughly enjoy cooking for my loved ones, especially my best critics, my husband and my two boys.  Everything with my husband is always “Delicious,” and my two boys Cayman and Caico (dogs), they never say no or walk away from the crumbs that fall on the floor.

I have found inspiration for recipes from my collection of cooking books that continues to grow, in addition to numerous food magazines, restaurant tasting from travels and searching the internet for that unique recipe.   The more difficult the recipe the more interesting it is to me – it’s about the challenge.  If the final result is perfection, it brings joy to my soul.

My dream is to one day open a little coffee shop with fresh goodies baked every morning.  There is nothing wrong with dreaming, we all have dreams, some come true, some don’t.  But for now, I will continue to write my blog and if that’s all I do, I’m still going to be happy, because I’m doing what I love.

Thank you for visiting Simply Rice and Beans, and remember we can all cook, all you have to do is put a little love and passion into it and you will have memorable results.